The Florida Shakespeare Theater is seeking trained actors for the 2020 Mainstage production of William Shakespeare's Macbeth, to be directed by Colleen Stovall. The role of Macbeth is to be played by Seth Trucks.

Written as a sop to King James I of England, Macbeth is a shamelessly dark and gleefully evil portrayal of a real Scottish King.  Three wyrd sisters tantalize Macbeth with three equivocal predictions of success that eventually come true, but also drive him mad.

Although the leads, (Lady Macbeth, Macduff, Banquo and Macbeth and Duncan) are cast, the play is full of meaty roles for supporting and character actors, including the Porter, Lennox, Ross, and Lady Macduff.

This production will feature stage combat that includes training in broad sword, and hand to hand combat.  

We practice color and gender blind hiring and casting, and do not discriminate as to disability.

This is a professional, paid production. Each of four locations are in Miami-Dade  County.


What is the pay? Is this a union production?

This is a paid, non-union production.  Minimum pay is $100 per week for performances plus rehearsal pay.  Pay varies with role and experience and includes rehearsal stipends and performance pay.  Some performers will also receive gas stipends.


The 2020 production of Macbeth is a touring show that moves the entire set and production every week.  Dressing rooms could be anything from a deluxe dressing area with showers and a lounge area, to a tent. the rehearsal period is longer than most because of the need for stage combat training.  There is one mandatory day time schools show, and one mandatory Sunday evening first table read.  Below is the initial preliminary list of commitments: 





SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24 - 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm 


6:30 - 10:30 pm Monday - Tuesday, Nov. 25 & 26

​​REHEARSALS  - Detailed rehearsal schedules will be given)

Sunday through Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm.*

subject to change.   Rehearsals begin on December 2 and go through Dec.30,  

HOLIDAYS - We will be off on December 24-25, and Dec. 31


Jan 1 & 2,  8&9,  16, 23  


JAN 3, 4, 5 -

JAN 9 (Daytime Schools Show)*

JAN 10, 11, 12

JAN  17, 18, 19

JAN 24, 25, 26

* Note that the Jan 9 school show is a daytime performance and is mandatory for the entire cast.


This will be the Florida Shakespeare Theater's 15 year anniversary of providing free Shakespeare in the Park to tens of thousands of audience members from South Florida and across the globe. Be a part of something special.

what are you looking for?

The Florida Shakespeare Theater is seeking:

  • Crew members who are professional, work safely and respect the entire company.

  • Crew members who can deliver quality work within their budget and on time.  

  • Actors and crew that can communicate effectively. 

  • Crew and actors who can work effectively as members of an ensemble. 

  • Actors who make bold, exciting choices with language. 

  • Actors who move well and are physically fit.

  • Actors who are safe stage combatants, who can follow choreography and have respect for their instructors. 

  • Actors who can put their hand to a costume, paint a set or help move props. 

  • Actors who have a passion for the language of Shakespeare and respect the text and meter and can still tell a compelling story using text that is over 450 years old. 


Send us your resume and an email before October 1,  stating the position you are interested in.  If you have a digital portfolio, include links and references.

Macbeth - (Cast)  

Middle aged warrior who is promised much by the three wyrd sisters. 


​Witch/Murderer #1 -

Male or female.   

Witch/Murderer #2 -

Male or Female.  

Witch/Murderer #3/Doctor  -

Male or Female.  



Duncan is the elderly King.  Siward is an older British Warrior. The messenger is an older family retainer. 

​Fleance / Young Siward / Donaldbaine / Fighter. 

Fleance is the young son of Banquo. Young Siward is the son of the British warrior, Siward. Donaldbain is King Duncan's youngest son. 

Male or trouser role for female.

Malcom -

Eldest son and heir to King Duncan.  He goes on to take the throne from Macbeth.

Scottish Lord / Seyton / Servant / Messenger

Seyton has the honarary task of dressing the Scottish King in his armor.  This is a track for an actor who is interested in performing stage combat, as they will be in all of the battles.


Angus is a Scottish Nobleman, who is friends with Macbeth.  This is a large role with stage combat. Male or trouser role for female.

Lady MacDuff/ Gentlewoman.  

Lady Macduff is the wife of Macduff, and she and her son are murdered at the behest of Macbeth. The Gentlewoman attends Lady Macbeth and has a conversation with the Doctor.   This role is for a female actor .

Banquo / Caithness. (Cast)

Banquo is a lead, who is murdered and comes back as a ghost.  Caithness is an English general fighting against Macbeth.  Must have strong stage combat skills.  Male.


One of the leading roles.  Male.  He is a lord of Scotland and  a supporter of the King who flees Scotland to fight with Malcom. Must have strong stage combat skills.


Ross is a Scottish lord, who is a friend of Macbeth's. Male or female.  Must have strong stage combat skills. 


Lady Macbeth. (Cast)  

Macbeth's wife. 

Captain / Porter / Menteith

These roles contain two really big and wonderful speeches.  The Captain's speech explains Macbeth's backstory with the wars and his heroism, and the Porter's speech is the only comic relief in the play.  Menteith is an English nobleman.

Boy / Macduff's Son/ Servant / Messenger. 

This can be played by a male or female.  The role of Boy has no lines, but is in many scenes, and Macduff's son has a good number of lines.  Must sing.

Extras / Drummers / Musicians / Singers. 

This production will be heavy on drumming.  Extras will need to attend Broadsword Bandcamp to learn stage combat or brush up on existing skills.  Male or female.  Beginning actors are welcome to audition for this role.

Performance Script


Performance Script

Seeking to fill the following paid positions:


Stage Manager:

Professional non union stage manager capable of managing a touring production. Must be skilled in using Excel, Google Docs, DropBox, and social media.  Send resume and work product to

Costume Shop Manager:

Seeking someone to assist with building costumes and managing costume shop during the run of the production.  Paid. 

Wigs and hair designer:  

Seeking a professional who can create and maintain wigs and false facial hair (beards, etc.)  for the run of the production.  Paid


Construction Manager:

Seeking someone with professional set construction skills, who can manage crew and volunteers in building and moving the set to each of our four performance locations.